Thursday , 2 February 2023

Unit 1 | Aqeedah

1.1.2 Oneness

Allah is one. He does not have a mother or father. Nor a child or a sister or a brother. He is the only god. If there were another god, the world would be in chaos. Because they would be disagreement between them. That is why everything is the world works, because only Allah decided how it should be. Attributes ... Read More »

‎1.4.3 Miracles of the Messengers‎

What is a Miracle? Amu’jizah, which is called a miracle, in English is something supernatural that only Prophets of ‎Allah can do. In order for an act to be a miracle, it has to fulfill these conditions:‎ ‎1. It goes against the laws of nature,‎ ‎2. Only a Prophet can do it‎ ‎3. It is proof that he is really ... Read More »

1.4.2 Muhammad, Messenger of Allah

Background Of Prophet Muhammad   Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad as his last Prophet.The Prophet’s full name is Muhammad, son of `Abdullah, son of `Abdul Muttalib, son of Hashim, son of `Abdu Manaf, of the tribe of Quraysh, from the descendants of Isma`il, of the progeny of Abraham. Significant aspects of his life He was known amongst his people to ... Read More »

1.1.1 A Summary

Attributes are qualities or features that are regarded as a characteristic of someone or something. In Islam, an attribute is a positive quality that exists in Allah’s being. Allah has many beautiful and perfect attributes and out of all of them, there are twenty which are the most important. The other attributes are related to these twenty. We will delve ... Read More »

1.1.3 He is Not Like Anything He Created

Allah created everything; and nothing that is created is like Him. Allah created everything. The things He created are not like Him at all. And He is not like any of the things He created. Anything that is created cannot be like its Creator. Allah said in the Qur’an, “There is nothing like Him.” (Surah al-Shura, Aya 11) That means ... Read More »

1.1.4 Attributes of Allah: He does not come to an end

He Does Not Come to an End Allah does not even sleep because He never gets tired. Everything is easy for Him. Some non-Muslims say that after Allah created the Heavens and the Earth, He rested. But rest is needed by those who become tired and weak. Allah never becomes tired or weak. Everything is easy for Him. He just ... Read More »

1.1.5 Attributes of Allah: Living Hearing, Seeing

The Living Allah has the attribute of Life; He is the Living (al-hayy). He is perfect. He is always living and will never die. He does not sleep either. Everything is easy for Him. He never gets tired, so He never needs to rest. The Hearing Allah has the attribute of Hearing; He is the Hearer (al-sami’). He does not ... Read More »

1.2 The Angels

Angels Allah created humans from clay, jinn from smokeless fire and angels from light. Humans and jinn have the ability to choose between good and bad. Sometimes they choose good things, but sometimes they choose to disobey Allah.  But angels are not like humans and jinn. Angels obey Allah in whatever He tells them. They never disobey Allah in anything. ... Read More »

1.3 The Speech of Allah and His Revealed Books

Attribute of Speech: In order to teach us about Himself and His religion, Allah ta’la speaks to us through His Prophets. He is the Speaking Lord. Since Adam (peace be upon Him), Allah has revealed messages to His servants. In His messages, Allah taught us: Allah’s Books Some of the books Allah has revealed to His prophets are as follows: ... Read More »