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3.2.7 Arkan al-Salah or the Fards of Prayer

The Importance of the Arkan Arkan are the fard acts of any worship. Acts that are fard must never be skipped. If you skip a fard act, your prayer won’t be valid. Skipping a fard act will automatically disqualify your prayer. If you leave a fard by mistake or by forgetfulness, you must correct yourself. If you don’t correct yourself, ... Read More »

3.2.8 The Important Sunnahs of Prayer

Some acts in prayer are important sunnahs. If you leaves these, you need to make sujud al-sahw. Others acts in prayer are lesser sunnahs. Ab’aad of Prayer (The important sunnahs) There are six more acts in prayer that we should do regularly because they are very important sunnahs. That means they aren’t fard acts, but let’s try our best not ... Read More »