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3.2.2 Times of the Five Prayers

Muslims are obligated to pray 5 times per day. Though most of us rely on calendars and watches to tell us the prayer time, in reality, the prayer times are determined by the position of the sun and the length of shadows. How to determine the times of the 5 prayers: Now watch this video to see how to determine ... Read More »

3.2.4 Times in which Prayer is Makruh

We say these are the times in which prayer is makruh, but really, it is haram to pray at these time. This type of makruh is known as “makruh tahrimi” (kind of like saying makruh to the point of being haram). Review: The Meaning of Makruh and Haram Makruh: A makruh act is one that Allah does not like, so ... Read More »

3.2.9 Correcting Mistakes in Prayer

What do you do if you made a mistake in your prayer? The answer is: it depends on what mistake you made. Remember, in your prayer, some acts are fard, some acts are ab’aad, and some are hay’ah. Can you name some acts of prayer that fall into each of those 3 categories? How to perform Sujud Al-Sahw You make ... Read More »

3.2.10 Things That Break The Prayer

When you are praying, you are not allowed to do anything but the acts and words of prayer. In fact, if you do certain things, you prayer will break. Let’s take a look at the things that you CANNOT do while praying. If you do these things, it will break you prayer and you must start all over again. Read More »