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1.1.6 Attributes of Allah: Self-Sufficient, Knowing, Powerful and Has a Will

Allah is Self-Sufficient

That means He does not need anything from anyone, but everyone needs Him. Allah created humans and Jinn to worship Him. But Allah does not need their prayers, they need to pray so that Allah will love them and accept them in Paradise.

Allah is Knowing

Allah is KnowingAllah knows Everything. Small things, large things, secret things, public things, major things, minor things, Allah knows them all and He always knew them all. He knows who will go to Jannah because He knows what they will do in order to make them one of the people of Jannah. He always knew how everything would be. This information of what will happened up to the Day of Judgment is written in the Preserved Tablet (al-Lawh al-Mahfudh).

Allah Has Power

He is Powerful. He is capable of doing anything that suits His Majesty. There are certain things Allah cannot do because those things have no meaning. For example, Allah cannot create another god because God is not created. The things Allah cannot do prove that Allah is not like anything or anyone in His creation. He is in fact the Greatest. Allah Akbar!

Allah Has a Will

Whenever Allah Wills something, that thing is created. If He wills for someone to be healthy, he will be healthy. He willed to create the universe, so the universe was created. We cannot will anything, unless Allah wills that thing to be. “You do not will unless Allah wills, the Lord of the Worlds.”


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