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Monthly Archives: November 2015

1.1.2 Oneness

Allah is one. He does not have a mother or father. Nor a child or a sister or a brother. He is the only god. If there were another god, the world would be in chaos. Because they would be disagreement between them. That is why everything is the world works, because only Allah decided how it should be. Attributes ... Read More »

‎1.4.3 Miracles of the Messengers‎

What is a Miracle? Amu’jizah, which is called a miracle, in English is something supernatural that only Prophets of ‎Allah can do. In order for an act to be a miracle, it has to fulfill these conditions:‎ ‎1. It goes against the laws of nature,‎ ‎2. Only a Prophet can do it‎ ‎3. It is proof that he is really ... Read More »