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1.1.2 Oneness

Allah is one. He does not have a mother or father. Nor a child or a sister or a brother. He is the only god. If there were another god, the world would be in chaos. Because they would be disagreement between them. That is why everything is the world works, because only Allah decided how it should be.

Attributes of Allah – Oneness (وحدانية)

Allah is the one and only God.There is no one else like Him; no man or idol could ever be God, because men and idols are made. Anything that is made cannot be God. Allah is the One who created us, takes care of us, and will determine if you go to Heaven.

Allah said that if there were more than one God, they would fight with each other because they would all want to do things their own way; then there would be chaos, or a big mess in the universe. But the universe is not chaotic. Everything works beautifully together. Allah created the planets to work well in their systems; He made each animal’s body suitable to the types of food it eats.

Camels are an example of how Allah created the perfect environment for every creature. Camels are suited to the hot, dry, dusty climate of the desert.



Universe 2.1.2

Every planet in the solar system moves in a perfect orbit around the sun.

Our planet, Earth, is just the right distance from the sun so that we could live on it. If it were any closer to or further from to the sun, we could not live on it.

Sun 2.1.2


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