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3.1.9 Causes for Ghusl

In this unit:

  • Six things make ghusl necessary.
  • Three of these only apply to women.
  • When you do not have ghusl, you have major hadath.


  • Major Hadath
  • Period
  • Post Natal Bleeding
  • Maniyy
When you do certain things, it breaks your wudu, as we saw in Lesson 3.1.8 (What Breaks Wudu). Similarly, some things break ghusl. Three of these are the same for men and women. But three of them are only for women.

When someone doesn’t have ghusl, we say he has major hadath on him. Remember that major hadath is like an imaginary black paint that covers the whole body. The way to remove major hadath is to make ghusl as we explained in Lesson 3.1.7 (The Full Ghusl Described).

Causes for Ghusl2

Causes for Men and Women

Causes for Men and Women

1. When a husband and wife have marital relations.

2. When someone has a wet dream or ejaculates something called maniyy.

a. Maniyy comes from the private parts of men and women. Here is how you know what maniyy is:

i.    It ejaculates in spurts

ii.    It exits with pleasure

iii.    When moist it has the odor of bread dough, and when dry that of egg whites

3. When a person dies. May Allah have mercy on the believers who are alive and who have returned to Allah. By the way, when a person dies, he does not get major hadath. But his body still has to be given ghusl. However, if someone is lucky enough to die as a martyr from wounds of battle when he was fighting for Allah, he must not be washed. In that case, we leave his blessed blood on his body and bury him with the blood of his wounds.

Causes for Women Only

Causes for Women Only

1. A woman’s period

2. When a woman gives birth

3. When a woman has post natal bleeding. This is like a period that happens after a woman has a baby

After any of the above 6 events, a Muslim must make ghusl before he can pray and do certain other things.
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