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3.2.8 The Important Sunnahs of Prayer

Some acts in prayer are important sunnahs. If you leaves these, you need to make sujud al-sahw. Others acts in prayer are lesser sunnahs.

In this Unit:

  • There are 5 Sunnah mua’kkadah acts in prayer.
  • If we forget or miss a sunnah mu’kkadah act, we should perform Sujud Al-Sahw to correct our mistake.


  • Sunnah
  • Ab’aad
  • Hay’ah/Hay’aat
  • Sujud Al-Sahw
  • Du’a Qunoot
13 Arkan - 3.2.3

Review of the Arkan of Prayer

In unit 3.2.7, we learned that there are 13 acts that are fard in our prayer. That means we must never purposely leave out those. If we leave one of those acts out by accident or if we forget one of them, we must make the act up. We will learn how to do that later insha’Allah.

Ab’aad of Prayer (The important sunnahs)

There are six more acts in prayer that we should do regularly because they are very important sunnahs. That means they aren’t fard acts, but let’s try our best not to leave them. The technical name for these sunnahs is ab’aad. If we forget any of them, we don’t need to repeat them. In fact, we actually musn’t go back to the missed sunnah act or it will invalidate our prayer. Instead, if we miss one or more of the ab’aad, we should perform sujud al-sahw (sujud for forgetting). Sujud al-sahw will be covered in unit 3.2.9.

Important Sunnahs of Prayer

1 through 4 are related to the Tashahud

1 through 4 are related to the Tashahud

1. Sitting for the middle tashahud.

2. Reciting the middle tashahud.

3. Saying “Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammad” after the middle tashahud.

4. Saying “wa ‘ala aali Muhammad” after the last tashahud.

Prayer sitting - 3.2.3

5 and 6 are related to Du'a Qunoot

5 and 6 are related to Du'a Qunoot

5. Making du’a qunoot in every fajr prayer, and in witr prayer during the last half of Ramadan. The du’a is to be made after you stand from the ruku’ of the last rak’ah of the prayer.

6. Standing for du’a qunoot.

Prayer standing - 3.2.3

The Words of Du’a Qunoot

You can say these words in du’a qunoot after you praise Allah and send salah and salam on the Prophet.

Words of Dua Qunoot

Hay’ahs of Prayer

Anything you do in prayer that is not a rukn or ab’aad is called a hay’ah. The plural of hay’ah is hay’aat. These are acts that make the prayer more perfect. It is good to do them to get more reward.  They make the prayer more beautiful.

Some people think that only the arkan of salah are important and they do not have to worry about ab’aad and hay’aat. That is not true at all. It is just that each type of act has a different degree of importance. We learn about the different types of acts so that we know how to correct our mistakes.

Our prayer would be very weak if we only did the arkan and left out everything else. The more you do for Allah, the more Allah will be pleased with you. And prayer is the best way to seek the pleasure of Allah. So make your salah beautiful and do not leave anything out on purpose.


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