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3.2.1 The Salah (Prayer)

In this unit:

  • The Salah is the most important worship a Muslim performs.
  • Fard acts are the most important acts we do; however, even sunnah acts will make us better Muslims.


  • Salah
  • Arkan
  • Rukn
The first of our acts that will be judged by Allah on the Day of Judgment is our prayer. If the prayer is good, all our other acts will be good. May Allah fill our scales with accepted prayers. Our salah or prayer is the special way we worship Allah.
In these lessons, you will not learn the whole process of prayer. You need to learn that from your teacher. It will require a lot of practice; may Allah make it easy from you and accept all your prayers.
You will learn the arkan of prayer. Remember that arkan is the plural of rukn (which are the acts that are fard). You will also learn what acts in the prayer are sunnah (highly recommended to do) and what acts are hay’ah (recommended).
The reason we learn about the different types of acts in prayer is so that we know how to fix any mistakes we make in our prayer. You fix a mistake in a fard of prayer in a special way.
Some people think that if an act is not fard, it is not important. That is not true at all. All our worships are important. The more you do for Allah, the more He will love you and reward you. And we all need as much love and reward as we can get!

The Definition of Salah

The Definition of Salah

Salah is specific words and acts that begin with takbir and end with taslim,
with certain conditions.

Each of the 5 daily prayers acts like a purification for the Muslims. It washes away our sins.

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