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3.1.5 The Arkan of Wudu

In this unit:

  • Wudu has 6 fard acts.
  • The fard parts of any ibadah are called its arkan.
  • You must never leave any of the arkan or your wudu will be invalid.


  • Rukn
  • Arkan
  • Fard
We saw in Lesson 3.1.4 that wudu has many acts. However, all of those acts are not fard or wajib. The fard parts of anything we do are called its arkan. The singular of arkan is rukn. So wudu has 6 fard acts which are 6 arkan. We explained in Preliminaries that a fard act is one that must always be done. If you leave one of these acts, your wudu will not be valid. If you leave a fard act, you have to make it up.

In wudu, the 6 fard acts are: niyyah, washing the face, washing the arms, wiping the head, washing the feet and doing it all in that order. The figure below will help you remember them.

The Arkan of Wudu2


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